A Senior estate home staged and sold with period integrity

This estate home was a special one, from the first time we walked in the door. Not only was the house mostly original, built in 1951, but the seller had lived a long and happy life here for over 50 years!

The extended family, the majority of whom lived out of state, all had sentimental connections to this home. But what could they do—how do you sell an estate home that needed some attention to update, all while living far away and hoping to settle matters quickly?

The Process

One option people consider in a situation like this, is to consult an iBuyer—basically, a service like Zillow or Redfin or another internet entity gives a guaranteed offer sight unseen and will re-negotiate a sale after they have bought the property. This can be a very convenient option in certain situations. Look for more posts about this topic in coming months.

But after meeting with us, they were given the option to make period-appropriate updates that maintained the stylistic integrity of the home, using a trusted contractor and designer that we recommended, in order to sell this home to another family who could cherish it as they had.

We procured and managed vendors to provide everything from pre-inspection to contractors to final inspection. We worked with the entire family remotely to make these things happen seamlessly and efficiently.

After the home was decluttered and cleaned, we were able to bring in our staging supplies to bring this house some new life. We supplied a lot for this home—wall hangings, furniture, lamps, bedding. If you are in need of a full staging job, we can do that for your home! Our styler made impeccable choices to showcase this classic beauty.

For the seller’s family, they were able to quickly see how much value there is in selling to a live-in buyer as opposed to an investor.

For a buyer, we were able to update the home so that they could envision themselves living here happily with minimal initial cost.

The Results

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