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The finished product – so exciting!

We have completely cleaned everything and we are happy to have more floor space.  The room feels a lot bigger without the cumbersome TV stand in the way. Below features  great ways to rotate and extend the TV to view from different areas. Are you wondering where we got our little table for our charging […]

The TV is FINALLY on the wall, but we still need to hide the cords

The cables for the TV were run through the mantle above the fireplace so they come out on the right hand side. The TV bracket chosen was purchase on Amazon for only $99.00!  It extends way out and swivels 90 degrees in either direction so I can see it when I am cooking which is […]

Soooo. . .when you have a 4 year old participating in the project, things get interesting

Sam wanted to build something of his own while I was occupied with mudding/sanding, mudding/sanding, mudding /sanding.  You know how that goes. . .you have to get it to smooth perfection before the primer is applied and it takes what seems like FOREVER! My house is a officially a total disaster area. Can’t wait for […]

Framing in the hiding spot for our TV bracket

After positioning the TV, the next step is to frame up the space that will hold the bracket out of direct eyesight.  Peter cut out 3 vertical 2×4 supports (outside supports 1st leaving the middle one in until the new supports are installed).  The pictures below illustrate the tools used and the process.  A circular […]

What lies beyond the wall

The wall was made of a material called rock-lath.  A description of that material is found here http://www.usinspect.com/resources-for-you/house-facts/basic-components-and-systems-home/interior-home/wall-and-ceiling-cove-2 This was quite a bit harder and messier than drywall due to the plaster coating on the material. There are always surprises when you open up a wall and we were lucky this time.  Only one surprise! The wire mesh around […]

It was “necessary” to recess the bracket so the TV would not stick out – so the demo begins

As we were shopping for a bracket to mount the TV, there were a few things we had in mind.  We wanted to make sure we could see the TV from the kitchen so we needed to be able to rotate the TV toward the kitchen and we also wanted to be able to tilt […]