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Need wall hooks or door hardware? Great resources!

For some reason no one EVER opens our entry closet to put their coat in there when they come to my house.  Maybe it is because it is too hard to get to it when the front door is blocking it when it is open or maybe (according to my friend Nora) people are scared […]

Winter Party Ideas – Ice candles make it just a little bit fancy

We threw a small New Year’s party and many of the ideas would work for any winter themed party so I thought I would share them.  My favorite part is the ice candles.  They make a winter party just a little fancy & I like just a  little fancy so it works out. Just fill […]

Mini Mud Room at our back door! You can make your own with the plans included in this post.

I wrote a post back in April about our challenging back door situation.  With 3 people, a dog, & visitors going in and out of our back door – something had to be done!  The shelving unit we ended up with is simple and custom to our space.  All the metal was purchased at Discount […]

Our back door walks immediately into our kitchen! Do you have this problem too?

This problem of the backdoor walking immediately into our kitchen is quite a problem with many of the home styles we experience in the Twin Cities area.  As I walk buyers through homes, I am often stating this fact that there is no where to put your shoes/coat immediately when you walk in.  As much […]