One House, Two Results: A Staging Story

This charming listing had a lot of potential from the beginning—a large yard, a clean basement that could be easily finished for more square footage, excellent location, and ample garage space. We listed this house two times for the seller, with starkly different results.

The process

The first time this house was listed, it was an inhabited rental property. The seller wanted to list it with the tenants in the house. This presented a challenge, because not only did it limit how much control our team had over the listing, it also prevented the owner from being able to make progress on some of the checklist item suggestions we made.

When we meet with a seller, we provide a checklist of to-dos before going to market. The seller has the option to complete tasks that we recommend before listing. In our experience, completing tasks such as decluttering, cleaning windows and gutters, and sprucing up paint colors can make a big difference in how much interest the property generates when it goes on the market.

The second time the house was listed, there were no tenant occupants. The seller had completed cleaning and painting tasks, and we were able to bring in our staging supplies to showcase this home.

The result

The first time this house was listed, this house received nine showings, and no offers were made. It was on the market for 2 weeks.

The second time this house was listed, after it was prepped and staged, it received 16 showings in the first 24 hours it was on the market, and it sold in multiple offers before we could even host the open house!

(And the astute observer will notice through the living room window, the second time we listed it, that it was winter in Minnesota—not always considered the ideal time to sell!)

This little house solidified our belief in prepping your home for the market. It takes time and effort, but it will pay off in the end. Same house, different result.

Please contact our team with your selling and staging questions. We will walk you through the process, connect you with resources if you need help, and help you maximize the value of your investment!

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