July 4th 2020

This is a year like no other, that’s for sure. How we commemorate Independence Day, and even what we commemorate, might be different for all of us. Placing a flag in our yard might symbolize lost loved ones that fought for the freedom we enjoy or maybe a flag this year means we have come to the realization that we don’t all receive the same freedoms in this country due to the color of our skin. In 2020 we have weathered a stay-at-home order which seems like a government overstep to some, and a protection to others.

No matter where you stand on all of these issues, I wanted to share what we did in our neighborhood to hopefully spread messages of hope and love this Independence Day.

I purchased enough flags and packs of chalk for each house to have three flags and place them in their yards. In addition, people could use the chalk to write messages of what they hope for in our country.

We had a great (also HOT!!) time this week going around to each house in our neighborhood, delivering flags and chalk and letting people know what we were doing. And if people weren’t home, I’ve just been leaving the flags out in front of my house for them to grab whenever they can!

Wherever you are and however this post finds you, please take care and know that my team and I are very grateful to serve you as your real estate agent. Happy 4th!

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