Video Walk Through!

The video tour has pretty much changed my life and what I can offer to my clients.  Buyers who are relocating or out of town for Spring Break (or even if they just don’t want to leave their comfy house on a cold night) love a video preview tour!  It is the next best thing to being in the home.  Sometimes face time can work really well to get a buyer through a property in this SUPER FAST PACED MARKET!  I can be with a client at the property and point out any important points so they can see it in real time and I can describe the state of many aspects of the property (mechanicals, condition of the backyard or garage in real life).  It allows me to answer questions that can’t be determined on-line as the listing agent is doing their best to present a property in it’s best light (as they should).  Some things that my buyer may not be excited about can be determined before they come over to the property.  I also have a quick video link that I can attach to an email if the client is unavailable when I am at the house.  Technology is amazing!!




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