What’s to love on 48th Street and Chicago Ave S in Minneapolis? The SHOPPING!

Last Saturday I re-visited this little corner and realized that a few things had changed since my last visit.  Shop in the City is gone and a new store has taken it’s place.  The store is called 14 Hill and I would compare it to Patina or Bibelot This is a great place to meet friends for breakfast/coffee and meander (I like that word a lot) up and down the street.

Another great shop across the street from 14 Hill is Carver Junk Co and they have all the things you think you might make on Pinterest but you can just buy them which is what you really want to do anyway.  If you get really inspired and you feel like you want to learn how to make things look amazing with your own skills. .. they have classes for that.  There is also a PRIMP located here as well so if you need to pick up something fun to wear after your fun coffee date with a friend for your hot Saturday night date. . . well you are in luck!  

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