3 GREAT Reasons to look for YOUR HOME this FALL

Fall Neighborhoods

1.  Neighborhoods look better in the Fall.  The snow is not covering the roofs and the ground yet so you can actually see the condition of the roof and the yard.

2.  It is cold enough for the furnace to kick in so you know right away if the heat works.

3.  According to the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors (below), buyer activity is beginning to moderate! Last Spring this was NOT the case – nearly all homes had more than one offer due to low supply of homes on the market.

“Home price gains and housing demand are still a year-over-year improvement, but activity is beginning to moderate as the seasons change. With the possibility of further rate and price increases, some buyers are still motivated, but urgency tends to wane when holiday decorations start going up. Recovery continues, but the pace is stabilizing.”

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