Treehouse Update #1

Sam is so excited about the big event happening in our backyard this summer!  This is his favorite house project to date.  He has helped his Dad look through lots of different designs and they have come up with a great result.  It is all designed and ready to build. . . .the most exciting part is that it will just be hanging from cables in the tree – super cool and better for the tree too.  I will try to share enough info so that if you wanted to build something similar – you could start with this info.

Below is the info needed prior to attaching the cable to hang the tree house.  2″x10″ green treat wood was used for the base.  It is supported by poles and a rope before the cable is added.  The edges of the holes for the cables where smoothed out with a router to prevent the cable from rubbing on a sharp edge.  The structure had to be built on the ground around the trees and hoisted up after it is built.

Cable suspension system installed

Now the fun really begins!  It is starting to look like a tree house!  A bridge and a trap door to get up in the house are a couple of Sam’s favorite things about the design.  It is also VERY important to have a bucket/pulley system.  His friend Phil has shown him the beauty of snack deliveries to his tree house.  For some reason eating food in the treehouse is extremely exciting.

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