Post Christmas DAY 1. What now! Things to do in the Twin Cities this week.

Many businesses slow down over the Holidays and kids are off school so it is a great week to take off work – the question is what to do with all of this family togetherness?   I will be posting ideas of fun things to do every day (fun things with our without kids) so take a look and try something new!  Would love to hear from anyone out there of great ideas you might have as well!

Skate on a clear lake – no shoveling required!

Skating without having to shovel is like a Christmas miracle!  It doesn’t happen often so take advantage while you can!  Lake Johanna is clear and ready for skaters.  We have also been to Lake Olson in Lake Elmo and Prior Lake – all great ice for skating so get out and give it a try.  Even if you grew out of your skates many years ago – you can put some boots on and take a walk too!   Don’t forget to end with a warm hot chocolate by the fire.  Magical day number 1.

Small disclaimer – skating on the ice can be dangerous.  Watch out for ice fishing holes (my son stuck his hand in one and then was whining about his hand being cold, yes it was still magical) and any place that could be thin ice (rivers, streams, etc).  My lawyer made me put that on here. . .have fun!




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