Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas during the Thanksgiving weekend at the Johnson House

After a big turkey dinner at my cousin’s house, our weekend was filled with decorating, cherry making & meat grinding.  Somehow Peter’s deer needed to be ground up as part of our Christmas preparation festivities.

Each year we attempt to make chocolate covered cherries and this year they actually worked!  We were able to find some great tips at:


A few easy Christmas ideas for inside and out!

A great use for your Hydrangeas after the season is over.

Peppermint plants are a cheap and easy way to keep your plants from summer and use them as a centerpiece!  They smell so great!  Just split the plant and put it in small cute green or red pots at the end of the outdoor growing season.

This snowflake, branch and berry display is super easy and gives you height if you need it to balance the space you are working with.  It would be great with our without the snowflakes.

Final family activity – Meat grinding

Not sure how that is at all a fun Christmasy activity – it just needed to get done and we had great help!


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