Garden shed design and plans available in this post!

The pictures below tell the story of our shed construction – Sam fits in to the supervisory position quite well!

We purchased the cute windows and doors from Siwek Lumber in NE Minneapolis.  They have many new and used doors and windows to choose from and the prices are great.  I think we paid about $25 per window and $150 for the glass door.  The cost of the entire project was about $3,000 for materials.  We did all the labor ourselves (with the help of a wonderful Dad!)

Peter built the double doors that open to get the lawn mower and larger tools out the door.  Peter also built ramps to facilitate moving things in and out.  The inside of the large side of the shed was carefully measured and organized to store specific items.  The inside of the smaller section is for gardening and has plenty of shelving and potting/arranging space.  We are looking forward to someday getting water and electricity to the shed but for now we are happy to have a space to store our things since the 4 car garage was not quite big enough for Peter and his toys.

Please click on the links and feel free to build a shed yourself this summer!  We followed all the permit rules for our city but please make sure to check with your city to follow all the rules they have as they can vary from city to city.





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