Our back door walks immediately into our kitchen! Do you have this problem too?

This problem of the backdoor walking immediately into our kitchen is quite a problem with many of the home styles we experience in the Twin Cities area.  As I walk buyers through homes, I am often stating this fact that there is no where to put your shoes/coat immediately when you walk in.  As much as I warn buyers about this issue, there is no perfect house so you take some good and some bad out of every home that you decide to purchase.  You just need to figure out what you can live with and what matters most to you.

We decided this was not a huge issue for us as we bought the home we currently live in but we were not planning on having a dog when we moved in.  Last January we adopted Lucy and she has added a whole new dimension to getting in and out of our house.  She takes up the entire back entry as we come and go and she is usually standing on all of our shoes with her dirty paws.  It may not sound annoying but trust me, this is not ideal!  Add a 5 year old boy and Mom to this picture and you have some mass chaos.

I looked high and low for a shoe rack that would fit our space and could not find anything that would work effectively.  They were all to big and would not fit in the space available.

Peter ended up measuring our boots and shoes to find out what would work best and most efficiently and he will design and build something that works better than what is available to purchase.  I am excited to see how this turns out!

Even though things are a little more crazy with Lucy around – we love having her!   Sam loves to lay on the floor and talk to her and it is super cute to watch.

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