I was still a bit conflicted about mounting my TV above my fireplace. . .

I have never been a proponent of mounting a TV above a fireplace.  I don’t like the idea of that huge black thing invading the decor space on the mantle.  I LOVE to decorate a mantle and that kind of puts a damper on that activity for me.  I have had friends and family trying to pull me over to the dark side of adding a flat screen to the focal point of the living room for some time so I finally decided to consider it.  My breaking point was when my Sister so honestly and lovingly said about my little TV stand . . “that is a huge eyesore in this room, you need to get rid of it!”.  Well, Sis, thanks for the advice, your house always looks amazing so I have given it a try and the results have been fantastic!  Thanks for always telling me the truth – even if it hurts a bit.

This is our mantle display prior to the addition of the huge black thing – it has many names (TV, Television, etc).  I have had lots of different decorations in the past. . .a great Ansel Adams picture, a red berry wreath. . .too bad I was not a blogger yet so I don’t have any great pictures of those but I took a quick picture before Peter tore into the wall.  I will be giving updates on how we were able to rid the living room of the “eye sore” over the next few weeks.  It was about a 3 week process to complete the project.

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